What our students say

Introduction to Management and Leadership in Health Services

"I was able to support the team during change due to Covid."

Introduction to Management and Leadership in Health Services

"I have a new job!"

Project Management

"I have been applying for jobs for after I graduate and there’s always a section on additional skills so it’s a great thing to speak about to boost my CV.'

Project Management

"I've already applied these skills in my workplace, even on a personal level, this course has had a dramatic impact on my confidence when managing projects."

Change Management

"This course helped me get a promotion and the material will be very useful in my new role."

Change Management

"Given the current climate the ability to manage and support the change process in any industry is going to be hugely important in the very near future."

Frequently asked questions

How do I Apply for a Funded Place on an Upskilling Course?

If you are Scottish Domiciled you will be eligible to Register your Interest for a funded place.

These places are allocated by the Upskilling team on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you have been allocated a funded place, you will be required to submit an Admissions Form.

This email will include a link to fill in the form, note that this will be sent shortly after your register your interest. Please check your spam/junk/other folder.

Am I qualified for the course?

You can find the entry requirements listed for individual courses on their respective webpages. This includes information on academic requirements and equivalent experience.
If you are still unclear you can contact us at: upskillingproject@glasgow.ac.uk (include the relevant course name).

What is the time commitment required to complete the course?

All our courses are either 10 or 5 weeks long. Course content well be available to learners via our virtual learning platform: Moodle. Learners are able to work through the content flexibly in their own time. Suggested time required is 8 to 10 hours weekly. 

Will there be assessments?

Yes, each course has a form of assessment but submission is not compulsory. If you wish to do the course for credit then you are required to submit, if you would like to do the course for CPD you are not required to submit.

When does the course start?

You will receive confirmation of your start date from the Upskilling Team.

You may also receive a confirmation email with a start date of the University’s standard teaching period. This is standard communication issued by the University's system.Upskilling courses typically start in the fourth week of each intake (Jan, Apr, Sep) but it is best to refer to the date provided by the Upskilling Team.

How long till I hear back with a decision on my application?

Applications can take up to four weeks to process from the time you submit your admissions form, however during busier times this may take longer.

How can I accept my Unconditional Offer?

You will not be required to accept your offer if you have been accepted, this will be processed by the Upskilling Team. You will receive an email confirmation that you have been accepted on the course.

I have submitted my Admissions Form, what's next?

You should receive your AAN closer to the start of the programme to register. Please check your junk/spam/other mailbox. Ensure you have completed the necessary steps before enrolment.

What is AAN?

Account Access Notification (AAN) emails are issued to those students whose records have become term active in MyCampus. This is your Account Access Notification (AAN) e-mail which will contain important information that will help you to register and enrol as a student at the University.

I have been allocated a funded place, do I need to complete Financial Registration?

This is part of the University's standard practices. You can choose to complete it, no payment will be required. Alternatively, the Upskilling Team will process financial registrations. Ensure that you have completed the Academic Registration.

I have fully registered but I can’t seem to enrol?

You will not be able to enrol yourself.  Enrolment is processed by the Upskilling Team. This will take place in the weeks prior to course commencing. Please bear with us.

Current learners

I have been enrolled, I can’t access Moodle?

It can take up to 24 hours for the system to grant access. 

I can’t see a timetable?

Upskilling microcredential courses are fully flexible - the course materials will released by the Course Leads weekly so you can access them anytime. Your MyGlasgow timetable does not link to this course due to the flexible nature of this course.

When will I receive my student card?

Due to the fact that Upskilling courses are fully online courses, you will not receive a student card.

Can I access the library?

As Upskilling courses are delivered fully online so you will be able to access online library resources, but not the physical library services.