Building Customer-Company Relationships on Social Media Microcredential

Market trends, such as the saturation of brands, the ease of replicating successful products and customers seeking authenticity from organisations, are increasing the need for organisations to develop customer-company relationship to stay relevant in the market. Further, social media is now an integral part of the consumers’ lives and, therefore, becomes an important platform for organisations to understand and be able to use effectively as part of their marketing communications. This course will examine the factors contributing to the development of customer-company relationships and examine the various social media characteristics which support the development of these relationships. By the end of the course, learners will develop an understanding of how to use social media to build customer-company relationships.

  • Teaching start: January
  • Microcredential: 5 weeks
    Time commitment: 8-10 hours per week
    Course cost: £399
    Teaching start: 23 January 2023

Why this course

  • The course will introduce students to theory that helps develop a deeper understanding of the complex nature of relationship marketing and be able to define the variables in variables of relationship marketing.
  • You will also deepen their understanding of using social media for marketing purposes, with the focus on building relationship marketing purposes. Finally, the course will Illustrate how to use the relationship criteria and characteristics of social media to build customer-company relationships.

Course structure

This course will be 5 weeks of asynchronous lectures, and there will be further reading and learning activities required to be completed each week. Learning activities will be individual and group-work based but will not be graded. The learning activities are used to build on the knowledge discussed in the lecture material, such as those that students would be required to do in in-person seminars/lectures. There will be weekly drop-in sessions where students can ask questions. These are not mandatory and students can ask questions/interact with the lecturer in other ways, which will be detailed in the course handbook.

Meet the team

This course is designed and delivered by Dr Nilay Balkan. Nilay is currently a lecturer in marketing and has taught across various marketing curriculum such as Marketing Campaign Development, Marketing Management, Strategic Brand Management and Retail Marketing. Nilay also worked as a Business Advisor and has been involved in consultancy projects for SMEs. Her academic interests include marketing strategy, digital competency, digital transformation, branding, marketing communications, entrepreneurship, SMEs, and teaching (inclusive education, higher education and business mentoring).

Course alteration or discontinuation
The University of Glasgow endeavours to run all courses as advertised. In exceptional circumstances, however, the University may withdraw or alter a course. For more information, please see: Student contract.

Career prospects

This course is for anyone who is currently working in a marketing role in a B2C (business to customer) business, and in particularly those working in a small or medium-sized business.  However, due to the nature of the course, it is also ideal for those who are interested in using social media to develop customer relationships or looking to expand their understanding of customer relationship management. This course may be of more interest to those in the hospitality, tourism,  food and artisan sectors (such as small scale distilleries, handmade crafters) sectors. 

Entry requirements

Experience of working in marketing (or sub-fields within marketing, e.g. communications, public relations) whether in an official or informal capacity is ideal as this course aims to build on practitioner knowledge through appropriate and practical theoretical underpinning.  However, experience is not required and the course is also open to those who are simply interested in learning how to leverage social media for building customer-company relationships.

Potential students should note this course is aimed at marketing practitioners (or those involved in marketing, such as an owner-manager) currently working in SMEs and wish to improve their social media for building better customer relationships.

How to apply

The next run of this course will begin in January 2023.

Book now

This course costs £399. Learners will get full access to course content, plus UofG Student resources and support. All learners will receive a HEAR Transcript to use to evidence their Continued Professional Development. Learners who successfully pass the course assessment will also gain 5 credits (this is optional).

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