Court Meetings Information

Court Meetings Information

Court Papers Timetable 2021-22

Papers to be emailed in pdf form by


Court Meeting takes place …

5pm Thursday 15 September 2022


2pm Wednesday 28 September 2022

5pm Thursday 10 November 2022


2pm Wednesday 23 November 2022

5pm Thursday 2 February 2023


2pm Wednesday 15 February 2023

5pm Thursday 6 April 2023


2pm Wednesday 19 April 2023

5pm Wednesday 7 June 2023


2pm Tuesday 20 June 2023

Please contact Amber Higgins if you have any questions about the papers

Format of Papers

Papers should be sent in electronically to Amber Higgins - Amber.Higgins@glasgow.a.cuk

Papers from your Committee should comprise the *full* minutes of the last meeting, and an Excel-based Context Card providing a description of the minute, highlighting all points where Court is being asked to comment, endorse, decide or approve (this should include any issues arising from your Committees, where Court input is needed) and indicate if there are resource implications.  Other statistical information in the Context Card should also be completed.  Guidance on completion of the Context card is available from the link below.

Context Card Guide       Court Context Card Template

**Note:  Committee conveners/chairs should be involved in the selection and presentation of items to be reported.

If any additional papers are coming from your Committees, then these papers should be summarised on a Context Card, therefore the authors of the papers should be advised as early as possible.  The Context Card should be completely clear about what Court is being asked to do in relation to the subject matter, and provide relevant statistical data to put the subject matter into context.  Please also supply the full additional paper.

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Follow up/Actions

After an item has been presented to Court, the appropriate person will be notified by letter/memo as to what action was taken.

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An electronic version of the Court minutes is posted on the Court Minutes section on this web site.

If you require information on any item, please contact Amber Higgins