Internationalisation at Glasgow

Glasgow is a globally connected university with deep civic roots. For over 560 years, the University of Glasgow has established creative and vibrant partnerships with communities, colleagues and students across the world.

Our strategy, ‘World Changers Together’, reaffirms our commitment to global connectedness and collaboration, whilst recognising the important role that our people and partners play in the University’s future success and our ability to deliver impact both here and around the world.

We collaborate to develop our teaching and research with partners around the world and welcome conversations with potential partners in education, industry, commerce and government. Global connectivity enhances our educational offerings, our research capability and our societal impact, creating an environment in which our colleagues, students and wider communities can thrive.


Statement on Human Rights

The University of Glasgow unreservedly upholds human rights with regard to sexual orientation and personal privacy. In determining our partnerships, we consider the human rights environment in which such operations are or are likely to be located.

In establishing any partnership we comply with the law of the land while ensuring that the operational and support systems employed in any University of Glasgow entity are in accordance with our statutes and institutional principles.